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Pharmacogenetic (PGx)
vidence-Based Guideline For Therapeutic Management 


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PGx testing can determine if a person is a fast, normal, or slow metabolizer for various drug class. Our report shows that a person may have increased Toxicity for a particular drug or it can be used as directed or may have decreased efficacy based on DNA.

Toxicity Effect: If you metabolize drug with increased Toxicity the excessive amounts of the drug accumulate in the bloodstream, resulting in ADRs.

Decreased Efficacy: The bloodstream cannot absorb enough of the drug to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Hypersensitivity: Normal amounts of the drug enter the bloodstream, but even this is enough to trigger severe reactions in people with hypersensitivity to the medication.

Our PGX Test Includes clinically actionable gene/drug associations that have evidence-based guideline for therapeutic management.

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